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Energy Controls & Building Automation

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has estimated that 25% of all utility usage within commercial buildings is wasted through inefficient operations and maintenance practices.


Commercial buildings are the largest single consumers of energy in the United States. We live in a 24/7 environment where buildings and the equipment in them are running all the time. Whether it is heating up the office in morning before we come in or lights in offices, parking lots, hallways, and in other locations that are on for between 6 and 24 hours each day, or data centers where numerous racks of servers run constantly, our buildings are constantly consuming energy.

When it comes to building automation, GreenWATT USA Inc. offers many options….such as HVAC process control, secured access, energy reduction, and 24 x 7 monitoring. Whether you have a single facility or you need centralized management of multiple buildings, we can help you simplify building automation and achieve your specific objectives for comfort, energy efficiency, and lower costs.


With a building automation system (BAS) in place, you benefit from a virtual tour through your HVAC equipment. GreenWATT USA Inc. works with most of today’s BAS leaders like Honeywell, Trane, Johnson, Trane, Trend, Novar, Alerton, etc. Automation can be a powerful tool to transform your facility into an energy efficient, smooth-running operation, free of disasters and surprises.

A BAS performs its functions completely automatically, day in and day out, and it can carry on doing so year after year. However, unless system support needs are properly attended to its performance will begin to suffer. The result will be higher building operating costs and reduced occupant comfort.

At GreenWATT USA Inc., we offer a one-stop solution to your most challenging dilemmas. With our strong in-house team of engineers, technicians, and automation experts, we can look at mechanical systems, uncover and understand deficiencies, and draft an easily manageable plan for improvement.

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